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Career prospects

Student engineers, Masters and PhDs trained at Institut d'Optique Graduate School provide answers to the great challenges of our time.

A wide variety of jobs and opportunities

Since photonics is by nature a diffusing and enabling science and technology, graduates of the Institut d'Optique Graduate School are sought after by employers for their innovative and conceptualization skills. In particular, they enable

  • to improve measurement, control and security systems (cryptography, machine vision, etc.).
  • to disseminate lasers in machining and in medical and consumer applications (aesthetics, IT, internet, etc.)
  • to miniaturize electronics thanks to new high-performance opto-electronic components meet the challenges of the information society (broadband communications, optical fibres, image rendering, screens, 3D, virtual or augmented reality)
  • to find sustainable solutions for energy (revolution in low-energy lighting with LEDs, solar collectors, communications and interconnections with low energy impact, etc.).
  • to make progress in the fields of human vision (glasses, augmented vision devices)
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