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3 tracks

3 tracks

In addition to a wide range of double degree opportunities, Institut d’Optique Graduate Schooloffers four study tracks :

  • Regular track offering a varied program
  • Entrepreneurship track, (Filière Innovation-Entrepreneurs - FIE) for an entrepreneurial adventure on one's own business creation project
  • Apprenticeship - Co-op education (CFA SupOptique) with an immediate integration in the professional world

Enrollments for each track take place during the first year and generally last for the duration of the studies.

Regular Track

The regular track offers a varied curriculum with :

  • 6 specializations (Signal and image, Advanced engineering for optical systems, Advanced engineering for optical systems, Image – design – engineering, Optics and modelization, Digital  technologies for optics and photonics, Embedded lighting systems)
  • 11 double degrees with the universities of Paris-Saclay, Bordeaux or Jean-Monnet of Saint-Etienne. 


Entrepreneurship track is one of the best French courses in student technological entrepreneurship. During their studies, students learn entrepreneurship through project-oriented pedagogy.


Apprenticeship / Co-op Ed

The apprenticeship program at the Institut d'Optique (CFA SupOptique) allows students to learn both from theory and practice through an immersion in an industrial company.

  • Apprentices share their time between the school and a company, with a rise in their professional time during the 3 years. They are entrusted with important missions in their workplace.
  • Apprentices have an employee status, which is an effective way to gain work experience while studying.
  • Coaching of apprentices is provided by two tutors, an educational tutor and a professional tutor. This double supervision is a guarantee of success.
  • Scientific and technical training is common to other tracks and the degree obtained is identical.
  • Specific courses, dealing with the profession of the engineer, are offered. They are based on their professional experience.
  • Recruitment is not differentiated, as is still too often the case in other institutions. Any admitted student can claim apprentice status if an agreement is found with a company.

This training is a real career accelerator: with a strong recognition from recruiters, graduates who have lived the experience have better exit salaries.


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